Business Systems Analysis

The PC revolution has made it possible for software developers to offer software customized to many, many businesses. There are good reasons to use a "shrink wrapped" (or more often these days, downloaded) product to automate your information processing needs: cost, support, use groups and chat lines and more.

Sometimes though there is no right solution for your business or your way of doing business. Sometimes you will need to fit together several products to meet your needs. In these cases fully customized solutions are required, or customized "bridges" between several products.

can help you analyze your alternatives and propose a solution. We provide a detailed description of the end result and a firm price for the end product.

We have integrated ACT!, Quickbooks (and more) with Excel, Access, Outlook (and more) using Visual Basic and other programming languages.

We would be happy to do a preliminary analysis of your need with an assessment of your alternatives at no cost!

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