With over twenty years experience in information technology, offers extensive, professional assistance in all aspects of streamlining your company's investment in that technology.

  • We can help you improve the productivity of your staff by arranging training customized to your needs for one on one or the whole staff.
  • If your "Wintel" (Intel® or compatible hardware running Windows® - any version) hardware needs installation, repair, upgrade, or just someone to tell you what is "goin' on", we can help.
  • There are inexpensive, easy to set up and easy to use alternatives for networking small offices and businesses. The cost is minimal but the results can be awesome. You might be happily surprised! Give us a call!
  • There is no package that fits your business? Or are there several pieces that need to be fitted together? Only a custom solution will do? Or maybe you just can figure it all out yourself? Give us a try.
  • Do you sometimes feel that you and your staff are not making the most of the opportunities you have? Do you lose headway in a territory every time a salesperson leaves? Can you tell - soon enough - who on your sales staff is effective and who could benefit from some coaching and counseling? Do you know there are tools to help you manage this? Yep, and we can help you put them to use.
  • An essential part of the paperless office and key to turning record keeping from a huge burden to a valuable resource, imaging systems are every day more cost effective and viable. We can help you analyze the potential and make a decision.
  • Once a week or so we publish a tip about how to use some facet of (usually) Windows.  You will find them all here.  If you would like to be on the distribution list click here.  To go to the index of past tips, click on the Tech Tips button above or here.
  • We are active members in the Los Altos (Long Beach, CA) chapter of Ali Lassen's Leads Club.  For more information about Lead's Club, click here.


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