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Variously called scanning or imaging or document management systems, the question you may be asking is "Are they viable?"  With the cost of hard disks going downhill like a ski racer at the Olympics, how can one continue to justify keeping things on paper? Disk drives today cost about $10 a gigabyte. Each gigabyte can hold roughly 50,000 pieces of paper. That's about .02¢ (notice the decimal point) to store every page forever.

Now consider the things that document management systems can do that no paper based system can deliver: no misfiles. Once it is saved you can't lose it. No "out of files". When you want it, it is right there. No lost files. Ever. And here is the best part: you need it and Charlie down the hall also needs it right now? Guess what? No problem! You both have instant access to the same document!  Try that with paper files. And no more copying!

One almost wonders what you are waiting for. Want to change record keeping from a massive burden to a business opportunity? Now? Call today!

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