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For many smaller businesses or departments, the support overhead imposed by Novell or NT networks is not justified. Unless there is a requirement imposed by special products like Microsoft Back Office or SQL Server and all you need or want to do is share files, printers and, perhaps, an Internet connection, there is an inexpensive and simple solution: Windows File and Print Sharing aka Peer to Peer Networking..

Easy to use and inexpensive to set up while imposing virtually no staff costs, F&P Sharing will allow your staff to share key resources, eliminating the need to copy files to diskettes and walk them around the office ("sneaker net"). You can specialize your printers, one color ink jet, one medium quantity laser, one high volume laser, available to everyone from their own desktops!

F&P Sharing also offers complete security so that only the files you want to share are available to others while the ones you want restricted to specific machines or operators can be hidden and password protected so that only those authorized can access them, like your financial or personnel files.

Again, the cost is minimal and the productivity benefits potentially enormous. Ask us for a bid today!

As technology races ahead, it drags the ease and benefits of networking with it.  In the last few years, exciting and easy to use new network technologies have appeared.  These include wireless, power line and telephone line networking.  All of these mean that you can connect small networks together without running any cabling, often the largest expense in setting up a new network.  If you'd like to know more, give us a call - today!


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