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These are the tech tips published to date. 

Number Description
1 Bypass the recycle bin; turn off the recycle bin
2 Using the Home or End key to turn off highlighting in a text field
3 How to use ALT+TAB; CTL+TAB
4 "Save as" before editing
5 "Details" mode of viewing file lists, sorting the columns
6 Correcting bad entries in web browser forms
7 How to print the Eudora address book
8 Backing up your address book
9 Cleaning up your C drive
10 How to use Shift+CTL+Home; Shift+CTL+End
11 Three ways to use the scroll bar
12 More shortcuts; backing up Outlook Express folders
13 Setting the Folder view options 
14 Sorting the columns in Details view mode
15 Putting a shortcut on the desktop
16 Altering the width of a column; recovering a "lost" column
17 Changing the text size of a web page in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
18 How to set up and use the Quick Launch Toolbar
19 How to zoom with a wheel mouse
20 Spam and what to do about it
21 How to sort the Program start menu; the right click; right clicking from the keyboard
22 How to sort your Favorites folders by name
23 New domain names; "sulfnbk.exe virus"
24 Line drops and busies; testing the modem and network card; changing file associations; finding a programs "real" name
25 Keeping one web page open when opening another; using the "History" capability
26 Diagnosing machine freezes
27 Backup schemes
28 Diagnosing shutdown errors
29 Where to get "winzip"
30 Kakworm
31 Firewalls
32 MS Office Macros
33 Sygate Internet Connection Sharing
34 Viruses "badtrans" and "aliz.worm" and a Sygate update
35 Goner virus
36 WORD Form Letter Presentation
37 Willie n' Ethyl cartoon
38 Financial hoaxes on the Internet
39 Sygate update
40 What to do when you get the "Open With" dialog box
41 How to restore icons to the Start Bar
42 A new kind of USB hub
43 The "Windows" key
44 Update your virus protection daily
45 Security guidelines for Outlook Express
46 Microsoft Virus Consulting Service
47 What to do with your old disk drive
48 The Maintenance Wizard
49 Internet browser BACK button
50 The USB "gotcha"
51 Bogus email from "Microsoft"
52 Follow up on Blaster worm
53 Are the emails I'm getting legitimate?
54 Withdrawn
55 Re: tech tip #54, Update on Internet Connection Sharing
56 Watch those phony web page links
57 Google and some neat ways to use it
58 Ziff-Davis: Nasty new virus
59 A PC "tune up"
60 Speed loading of PDF files
61 Read and send AOL mail using Outlook Express
62 Run Windows XP in limited mode
63 Improved keyboard use
64 Backing up Windows XP Home Systems; System Restore and Backup.
65 Backing up Windows XP Home Systems; System Restore and Backup. Chapter 2.
66 Backing up Windows XP Home Systems; System Restore and Backup. Chapter 3.



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