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All too often we underestimate the productivity benefits of training. The most consistent difference between successful businesses, large and small, and marginal ones is the investment in training.

The perception that your prospects and customers and employees will have of you will be traced back to the investment you made in training yourself and those employees.

We offer courses in two modes, one on one and the more typical classroom style. The former is most commonly used in the case of new hires that need to get up to speed quickly.

We offer classes in Microsoft® Windows® and Office or any of its components: WORD, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Access and Visual Basic for Applications.

We offer courses in any of the contact management systems we support: ACT!®, Goldmine® or, as mentioned above, Outlook.

If you have a training need that is not covered here and you have been unable to locate a source, give us a call or an email, perhaps we can find a workable solution for your need.

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